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Illuminate your bathroom with the perfect light: which lamp to choose?

17 Aug 2023 | Furniture Tips

A well-lit bathroom is essential for carrying out all daily activities comfortably and safely. The right lighting can enhance the space, enhance the design of the furnishings, and finish the overall atmosphere.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose.

Consider the different areas of the bathroom.

A bathroom consists of several functional areas, such as the sink, shower or tub, toilet area, and mirror. Each area requires adequate light to carry out activities in a practical way. Opt for lamps or ceiling spotlights to illuminate the entire room and specific lighting points, such as wall sconces or adjustable spotlights, to emphasize different areas.

The temperature of colors.

Color temperature affects the atmosphere of the bathroom. Warm lights (yellow shade) create a more relaxing and cozy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing moments. Cold lights (blue-white shade) are ideal for brighter, more functional lighting, suitable for applying makeup or shaving.

Choose LED lamps.

LED lamps are an excellent choice for the bathroom. They are extremely energy efficient and have a long lifespan. In addition, LED lamps come in a variety of shapes and with details and finishes that complement any decorating style. The black Victory lamp for example has a strong character and a stylish tone thanks to its metal cap, while the Phoenix lamp has the power to be highly versatile and suitable for any environment.

Mirror lighting.

The bathroom mirror requires focused light to avoid annoying shadows on the face. Opt for wall sconces placed on the sides of the mirror or a light bar above it for even, glare-free light.

Attention to safety.

The bathroom is a humid environment, and lighting fixtures must be suitable for these conditions. Make sure that the lamps comply with the law and have an IP rating suitable for the humidity in the bathroom.

Adjustable brightness.

Dimmable light can make all the difference, especially for creating different atmospheres as needed. You can install dimmable switches to adjust the brightness according to the occasion.

Remember that the choice of light fixtures and lighting is a key element in transforming your bathroom into a functional and feel-good space. Take the time to evaluate the different options and opt for solutions that suit your style and needs. In our General Catalog you will find many available lamps, all with certifications for installation in the wet environment of the bathroom.