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Passion, experience and innovation
at the service of Made in Italy

Savini S.r.l., since the early 1980s, has aimed to provide Made in Italy quality and excellence by producing bathroom and home furnishings. In the 18,000-square-meter factory owned by the company, located in Abruzzo, Italy, each semi-finished product is produced in the in-house carpentry and painting departments, while assembly and logistics people take care of making and delivering the finished items. In Savini, one breathes design innovation combined with the experience of a historic Italian company.

Panel with suction cups bathroom furniture production
Truck Savini Bathroom Furniture Industry
Machine with bathroom furniture production panel
Made in Italy furniture production

100% Made in Italy

Our products are entirely designed and built in Italy: it is in the headquarters in Castilenti that ideas are born, find concreteness and leave “their own home” to reach that of customers. The collection of more than a thousand products are the result of careful research to create quality, functional and even customized furniture by combining people, skills and technologies. We work with extreme care and attention to the satisfaction of our customers, respond quickly and effectively to their requests by contributing to the realization and development of their dreams.

The “heart” of Savini

At the heart of Savini are the people who make it up, live it and work there: a team made up of men and women from the local area, diverse people united by the ethics of work and know-how. Together these people give birth to modern and quality products, putting customer satisfaction at fi rst place

We care about our employees, we operate in full compliance with safety regulations and the health of our men and women workers.
Our products are the result of excellent teamwork as well as the specialization of our workers whom we enhance through continuous training in the field.

ISO 9001 Certificate Icon

The ISO 9001:2015 certifi cation for the optimization of business processes guarantees Savini’s commitment to customer satisfaction

Staff Savini srl
Conscious and sustainable production

Respect for the planet

We operate in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner. We are attentive to the needs of the community, respecting the rights of our employees and collaborators with the goal of working in harmony with the environment. In fact, we are investing in zero-emission production with the use of clean energy through the installation of photovoltaic panels.

We design products that are intended to last, use raw materials with FSC® certifications, and manufacture CE-marked products in compliance with EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.
We seek and select partners who share our values for the creation of stable partnerships based on mutual trust and expertise.

ISO 14001 Certificate Icon

We proceed annually to ISO 14001:2015 certification, which focuses on environmental issues through environmental protection, pollution prevention, reduction of energy consumption, and conscious and responsible use of resources.